Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Beginning the journey. Feet up

We arrived in Durban almost two weeks ago to join our dear friends and travel buddies Chris and Kim to finalize plans and preparations for our 6 month journey through 32 countries.

Tomorrow feet up at 8am! marks the first day on the road of our motorbike journey – LONG WAY UP! Travelling from CAPE  TO  KAPP - Cape Agulhas, the most southern point in South Africa to NordKapp, Norway, the most northern point in Europe.

The grand plan is to travel south to Cape Agulhas, then on to Cape Town, north to Namibia, then east to Botswana, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania and continue north through eastern Africa - Kenya, Ethiopia, Sudan –with a detour to Uganda & Rwanda -  through Egypt to Jordon and Israel, crossing by ferry to Greece then  east to Turkey and north on through Eastern Europe and the Baltic States to Norway and  Nordkapp.  Our final destination will be Munich’s Octoberfest in early October!

We spent the first week waiting for Namibia and Big Betty (our trusted motor bikes) to arrive. After numerous dramas, including theft of our registration papers due to an encounter with a shonky dealer in Miami, the bikes were finally successfully shipped from Miami to Durban thanks to Chris.
Meanwhile we all took a short relaxing break at the Cockerell’s & partners “Success Farm”in the Drakensburg Ranges. A truly relaxing time at the farmhouse overlooking the valley with mountains views and the Blesboks grazing on the front lawn! We took a couple of invigorating road trips by four wheel drive along with the boys riding their motocross bikes up the rocky and bumpy mountain roads to Lesotho and to see Bushman cave paintings -such magic scenery as we traversed the rugged mountain ridges and panoramic views to die for.
In both Durban and at the farm we‘ve had lots of family gatherings and parties (ie lots of fun anddrinking !!!) and have been thoroughly spoilt by our generous and delightful hosts Clinton and Debbie (Chris’s brother& wife). 

We’ve also had the opportunity to see a little of Durban, meet all of Chris’s warm family and a number of friends and to enjoy a fantastic party to celebrate Chris’ birthday.


  1. Hi Judy, I'm really looking forward to reading about your travels. You guys are so brave!!! It's going to be wonderful. Take care, stay safe, Karla

  2. Sorry Guys, you look like something out of a Touratech advert!! Get yourself grubby and dirty before October. Ride Safe Graham and Sue.

  3. So nice to see your pictures! Shane wants to know what the bike is? We'll be checking in regularly! Have a massive SA steak for me! Lots of love Shane & Nicky

    1. All going well here -the bike is a BMW 1200GS. Been to the most southern point in Africa and heading North for the next 6 months. Look forward to catching up in Broome again xxJ& J

    2. Go, you bold adventurers! What acracking start to your journey. Can't wait to hear more and se emore of your amazing pictures. Take Care, Georgia


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