Thursday, 14 June 2012

Pics in between

Rough times behind!

Leopards are a rare sight

Don't get in between her and her cub

North south or east west?

Who is the voyeur, Johannes or him?

Chased this monkey out of our hotel room

Nothing but kids everywhere!

Mean after bee sting

Baboons on road side

This tree surfaced after 500 years below sand dune

On safari

Saturday, 9 June 2012

Desert, Safaris and Falls

Namibia is a frontier country with a small population of less than 2 million people, lots of cows (more than people!) and stunning rusty red/orange coloured landscapes-sand and dunes, rugged mountains, desert plains , mysterious rocky craggy mountains.

Stuck in the toilet
Visited Soussouvlei in the Namib desert,-huge red/orange sand dunes which change colour depending on humidity, time of day and light. The wind constantly changes their shape in the Namib-Naukluft National Park. These dunes are part of the oldest and driest ecosystem on earth!
Stayed in comfort at Soussouvlei Lodge.

For Johannes’ birthday took tour of famous, much photographed dunes at sunrise and climbed big Pappa dune –then slid down the dune onto Dead Vlei-dead trees in a salt pan. Ended the day with a sunset plane ride (with champagne!) over the dunes to the coast -seal colonies, old mining towns and a huge ship wreck could be seen clearly as we flew so low!

Namibians are very friendly curious people who are well educated, attractive people. Huge German influence seen in names of streets, cities, food (6% German/Africaans population and used to be Deutsch West until WW1). Economy is based on minerals ie diamonds & uranium and farming. Little traffic on main roads and quite.

Trouble free border crossing into Botswana then on to Maun, a large rural town at the south eastern border of the Okavango Delta. Organized flight to the Delta and Chobe National Park. Fantastic 2 days at Vumbura Plains Lodge- stunning lodge with luxurious tented large open plan rooms on the edge of a waterway in the Okavango Delta- birds, hippos heard at night- fantastic guide (Zee) for morning and eveningsafaris –saw so many animals–began with leopard near the airstrip- then elephants, giraffes, zebras, baboons, wildebeest, implala, kudu, warthog, zebra, buffalos so close to our safari vehicle.Even saw a lion with cubs (2 males showing the beginning of their manes). Then 2 days at Savuti Elephant Lodge with elephants walking right in front of our luxury safari tents.

Our walking safari guide Ned Kelly

ancient elephant?

Road deviation

Avoiding foot and mouth disease?

Johannes eating Mopane worms

 Although very expensive truly worth it- evening safaris with Campari and orange- morning safaris with coffee and bickies, and first class cuisine- ate well, drank lovely wine and felt thoroughly indulged by helpful, friendly staff! Safari rides were informative and always lots of different animals to be seen. The ultimate in Buddhist relaxation is a Mekoro ride-just make sure you stay away from hippos!

Spent a night out in a swag on the salt pans at Makgadikgadi – saw amazing moon and sun rise and huge thousands of years old baobab trees.


On to Zimbabwe where we got wet at the famous Victoria Falls. Could hear the pounding of the water into the gorge from our room. Monkeys climbing into our room to steal our fruit!

Spot map